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South Uist Distillers Co. are small scale distillers with a big heart, started by David Steele who is from the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. A passion project of David’s, the company aims to create artisan spirits with a sustainable outlook.

Bringing passion, heritage & quality into the process, South Uist Distillers Co. aims to create something that lasts, from a flavour to a feeling.


A lasting product, a lasting taste and a lasting experience...

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The Full Story

The Outer Hebrides is an archipelago off the West Coast of Scotland, surrounded by crystal-clear water and powder white beaches. Packed with abundant biodiversity and natural resources, South Uist Distillers Co. want to make the most of the stunning surroundings by creating truly unique products with good intentions.


With aims to not only produce a range of stunning spirits but to create opportunities and lasting experiences for all those involved. Carefully developing a range of unique rum flavours to tell the story of South Uist with unique ingredients and captivating storytelling.

Tapping into the myths, legends and stories that surround the island, the company aims to create artisan products with links to maritime tales, pirates and nautical history. Humble, rustic, earthy, an experience to capture history & flavour.


David Steele, the founder of South Uist Distillers Co. is local to the island and has previous experience running Uist Sea Tours and so has plenty of knowledge of the local area and what it has to offer.

A passion for food and drink and previous exposure to the industry allowed David to locate the gap for artisan, west-coast rum. He paired this with his ethos for sustainability & environmental responsibility... and the idea of South Uist Distillers was born.

David has spent a lot of time off the island working with a master distiller to create unique and exciting products for his customers. During that time he has also been looking at locations on South Uist for a local distillery to be developed in the near future.

Launching with a range of flavoured rum, developed with the island itself in mind. A selection of dark rum, spiced rum, white rum and various other flavours which include ingredients such as scotch bonnet chilli & rosehip.

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Brand Mission


Our goal is to develop a sustainable and ethical business that produces a range of artisan spirits created using locally sourced ingredients. We create opportunity on the island itself, whilst producing a quality product with genuine intentions: to support the locals, create memories and engage visitors to the West Coast of Scotland.

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